Boston bombings


The images beamed around the world following the explosions in Boston are repugnant. Blood spattered on streets, people missing limbs and onlookers suffering awful emotional trauma. I lack the immediacy of knowing anybody likely to be there giving me at once a detachment from the emotional impact yet heightening my own sense of voyeuristic disgust.

I watched a trickle of feeds became a tidal wave with an increasing sense of foreboding. A background in journalism enabled me to accurately predict newsrooms seeking an exclusive, politicians keen to grab a monopoly on outrage and everybody else determined to “have their say” (I count myself among their number).

Amid a fury of cliché  (in a masterpiece of oxymoron today’s Thought For The Day on Radio 4 claimed both “calculated evil” and “impossible madness”) I have yet to read or hear anybody fully engaging with the most obvious question. This is a time for us all to look within and ask why.

I’m not holding my breath.


About Terry Land

West Ham supporter, freelance journalist, photographer, gardener and in possession of pink/green political values. Wedded to the idea health and happiness are best enhanced by the consumption of industrial quantities of curry and chocolate...

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  1. Why, is simple, it always has and always will happen no matter what action is taken to prevent it for simply the act of ameliorating grievances from one set of people with all their predjudices you will exacerbate others with their own different set.

    As for the specifics, it is rather difficult surely to ask Why when so far no one has actually claimed responsibility. I seem to remember a while back a whole deluge of whys and wherefores spewed forth from the worthy and otherwise after such an event, only to find a little later that it wasn’t actually anything to do with the events presumed which only goes to show that prejudices are rooted deep within whatever the root cause and whether the participant is active or simply a voyeur.

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